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Bill Manginelli


Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I agree completely that we must provide a top quality education for public school children and be willing to pay for whatever it takes to do that. But I believe that this debate is about spending too much money on the wrong things. As a Harriton student, you would know better than most if the district is spending too much on administration and too little on education. I believe we need to prioritize how we spend our money, especially in light of new laws that will allow the public to vote on future operating budgets. That means that if we borrow too much, those loan payments may take away from education programs. The children that you are competing with from Episcopal Academy are currently in older buildings than Harriton. Buildings contribute little to the quality of education. We need safe buildings that are properly sized. And we need to guard our money so that we can continue to keep class size small and program quality high. If we build more than we need, we will not improve education. Rather, the strain on our funding will degrade our education programs. Also keep in mind that once taxes increase to a certain point, property values actually drop.

Thank you for adding firsthand information to this debate.

Bill Manginelli

Alissa Sperling

It seems only right to have a student give their opinion on this matter. In response to the previous comment, I find more and more as I begin looking at and applying to colleges that I DO have to compete with students from Episcopal and other private schools. While I'm not recieving the religious education that they are, it is essential that I recieve top academic education that matches that of the private schools. So far, Harriton has done a great job in providing me with this education, however it is in the best intersts of the students currently at Harriton and Lower Merion (and the future students) that we are given up to date and quality resources, just like the private schools. By constructing new schools, the school board is doing just that, they are offering us the same opportunities that the children in private schools recieve. They are giving us a fair chance at being able to compete with these children in college and the real world.
Also, please recognize that a good school district increases the property values of the houses in it. By paying more in taxes for some time while the new schools are built the quality of education in Lower Merion will go up and as a result a portion of this money will be returned to you when it comes time to sell your house. Therefore, from a financial perspective, even childless households benefit from the new schools.
Thank you,
Alissa Sperling

molly deasey

As the parent of an Episcopal graduate I was offended by Dr. Savedoff's comments. The center of Episcopal's education is its CHAPEL! Students attend chapel services three mornings a week
- undoubtably one of EA's biggest expenses on their new campus will be the construction of their CHAPEL!
If Savedoff is proposing that a chapel will be constructed on both Harriton and LMHS campuses, that ALL public school students will attend services three days a week, and each pay $23,000 a year - then I'm behind him 100%.

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