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Loraine Carter

You are doing a wonderful job of informing the public on LMSD matters. Your challenge to the District is awakening decency and truth. Your questions and comments at the Board sessions are thoughtful. We appreciate all that you do. PLEASE keep up the great work.

The notion of video streaming the Board meetings on LMSD's website is smart as is their linking to their website. I see you've linked to your website; there goes the Board's notion of your biased representation out the window.

Thank you for airing the Act 34 session on your site. Indeed it was important to hear, albeit a bit late since the District didn't air it on its access television or effectively communicate to the public that it was taking place or its significance in a timely manner.

Again, thank you and be encouraged to continue to work to hold LMSD's Board and administrators accountable for the millions of dollars we entrust to them on behalf of our children.

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