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Vincent Marchionni

I posted this online when this was in the Main Line Times.
Savedoff's spin on fiduciary responsibility is deplorable
Mr. Manginelli has correctly criticized the leadership of the LMSD both the board and Dr. Savedoff. Act 1 will improve things but our brilliant and responsible leadership has circumvented it by getting a favorable ruling from the PDOE on a referendum and plans to appeal the latest budget overage. Obviously Savedoff and Rosenwald expect to win that also.

We need fundamental change but we won't get it from the two parties. We NEED OUTSIDERS to enforce fundamental changes and cost containment. We can reduce the cost per student over the next three years to "only" $16,000. We can make the LMSD parents sacrifice by paying for non-essential activities. We can force the district to raise money to fund the capital budget and the operating budget just as Dr. Savedoff's friends at Episcopal do. We can eliminate unnecessary programs like the OB. We can reduce salaries to market rates; no teacher can make $90,000 on the outside. We can force Savedoff and LMOSA to be stewards of the common funds. We can bring good business sense to public education. We can do this but we need an opposition slate or write-in candidates.

Vincent Marchionni MBA, Rosemont, PA

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